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About Me

About Me


My journey behind the lens began when I was a kid. My grandmother would give me her old Minolta 35mm and a couple of rolls of film and point me into the forest surrounding our favorite campsites. I would spend hours shooting on that camera and I loved it. I rekindled my passion for photography as an adult while traveling to Africa to film and photograph the people of Uganda.

I honed my audio production skills as the Technical Director at Rocky Mountain Calvary where I produced all of the weekly services, recorded and produced music and radio programming, and recorded voiceovers. I am also a musician with a love for capturing live and studio performances.

I think images, videos, and audio recordings tell such compelling stories and nothing has an impact on a person quite like a good story.

My Mission

My mission is to create meaningful content that captures the hearts and imaginations of clients and customers alike.

My Vision

I have a heart for people and telling stories. My vision is to bring those things together with every project I’m involved with.

My Promise

I promise to handle your project with integrity and professionalism. I promise to deliver a final product and service that captures your vision.

I love my Clients

Happy clients are the lifeblood of 4FC. My goal is to make sure every client is happy with the work I do and our personal interactions. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and integrity and that’s what I hope you’ll find. Here’s what a few clients have to say: 



Jason Ogle

“There’s a reason I credit Chris Combs with “superhuman editing” for every User Defenders podcast episode he touches. It’s because he’s a sonic superhero who’s only kryptonite happens to be mediocrity. Chris’ attention to detail, uncompromising quality, and mastery levels of experience have been a critical force to the growth and impact of this show.”


Jessica Daniels

“Chris Combs has such a knack for creating beautiful videos that are perfect for family reminiscing, capturing a monumental event, or even business marketing. He is creative, professional and really listens to make sure his finished product is exactly what the customer wants. I’ve been so thrilled with the videos Chris has made to capture my work. Thank you, Chris Combs!”

Nelsons RLR-120.jpg

Natalie Nelson

“Chris does a fantastic job! He’s professional, funny and really good at photography. We were very impressed with how our pictures turned out.”